ARS provides technology and resources to artists whose interest aligns with these new mediums, allowing them to develop an alternative and complimentary means of expression to their existing practice.  Artists are provided with equipment to realize a project that they define. When the work is completed, ARS collaborates with each artist and LA based arts institutions to exhibit the work. Our goal is to create a platform for new meaningful artistic practices coupled with public engagement, dialogue, and education. ARS also hopes to foster a new frontier of collecting artworks that use cutting-edge technologies.


Since inception in 2017, ARS has engaged with 3 artists, Keith Tolch, Joe Sola, and Victoria Fu.  Keith Tolch worked on IVR_1.  Over a 15 month period Keith taught himself how to use ARS provided equipment and software to create a collectable virtual reality program titled bury the ground (Edition of 5), and 6 paintings.  Keith’s paintings were informed by his VR work, and his VR work was informed by his paintings.  Keith commented that VR technology essentially allowed him to explore the space behind or beyond his paintings - his “glass bottom brain”.

Joe Sola worked on IVR_2.  Joe created a collectable virtual reality program titled Changing Room (Edition of 3) and 11 pigment prints.  Joe commented that while working in VR space, he was immediately struck by how the form, the virtual world, most clearly mirrored how his imagination worked.

Victoria Fu is working on IVR_3.  Victoria is in the early stages of familiarizing herself with ARS provided equipment and software.  Victoria commented that working with that equipment is a “game changer”.  

We have artists in the cue but are always interested in finding new Los Angeles based artists to work with.  If you’re an artist and interested interest in learning more, Contact Us.


We are creating new opportunities for artists, art collectors, technologists, visionaries and anyone who is interested in taking an active role in the future of art + technology. 

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Keith Tolch - Glass Bottom Brain


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